Q: What are the shipping fees?

A: We offer various delivery rates depending on the region served. We invite you to consult our FAQ for current pricing.

Q: What are the delivery times?

A: We usually process orders in 1-3 working day(s). Our carrier then delivers in a few days, depending on the region and the traffic. You will receive confirmation by email when the order is shipped.

** The company will take care not to send your order during a heat wave and therefore reserves the right to wait a few days to dispatch your package to the carrier, so that your products can be received intact.

Q: What is the difference between your different mixes?

A: The regular mix brings together a combination of sour and sweet gummies... to fill the indecisive in you!

The sanded mix includes a large variety of our most famous sour gummies. Perfect for emotion lovers!

The gummi mix brings together a selection of gummies selected from our best sellers!

The seasonal mix (Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas) regroups a selection of sour and sweet gummies defined by their difference in color and design to match the holiday.

Q: How long do candies keep their freshness?

A: KandJu candies remain fresh for 6 months. Keep our products in an airtight container, protected from light and you can enjoy our delicious candies for several months!

Q: Is KandJu a local company?

A: Of course ! KandJu is a 100 % Québec grown company and it is delighted to be able to provide colorful and exciting work to hundreds of friendly personalities ... our ambassadors of HAPPINESS! KandJu: local creativity!