The transportation freights are calculated according to the actual weight and volume of the boxes being shipped. The delivery time for your order depends on the expedition mode chosen during the invoicing and also according to the delay processing the order, which is 3 to 5 work days for the standard deliveries. Please note that once your order will be shipped, you will receive a notice by email.

Delivery Service

The delivery address can be different from the billing address. The transaction for the payment of your order will have to be completed before Kandju proceeds with your order. The delivery of your order will be subject to the regulations of your official carrier. Please note that your package will be shipped at the address given at the time of your order. Therefore, it is very important to verify your shipping address as Kandju is, in no way, responsible if there are any mistakes when registering your shipping address and the consequences that may result. Your order will always be shipped in the best delays possible.

If you still don’t receive your order:

  • Check if you received an email from Kandju’s customer service.
  • You can also contact Kandju’s customer service by email or at our toll free 1-855-469-0514.

Be sure to enter the correct address when placing your order at It is the customer’s responsibility to enter the exact contact details. In case of an error, no refunds will be authorized. No modification to the current order will be allowed.



It is possible to return part of your order or even your total order within the 14 days following the reception of your order without penalty, if the product is conform and with Kandju’s customer service authorization only. Before proceeding at the return of any merchandise, you have to communicate with Kandju’s customer service by email or at our toll free 1-855-469-0514. We will inform you with the steps you have to follow in order to proceed with the return of your merchandise. It is your responsibility to be aware of the products eligible for returns and refunds.

Products ineligible for refunds

  • All edible products
  • Luminous articles
  • Any product without its original packaging
  • Any product not returned in its full quantity (ex.: dozen)

Damaged Products

It is very important to check the condition of your order upon receipt. If your package seems damaged upon receipt, we ask you to refuse the delivery. The carrier will have to return the order and Kandju’s customer service will contact you.

If you notice that one of your products has been damaged during the delivery and is eligible for return/refund, you must put the product back in its original packaging and communicate with Kandju’s customer service.


Upon receipt of the products you will have returned, Kandju will analyse them and check their condition. Once the analysis completed, we will reimburse the exact amount of the returned product, deducted from its portion of transportation freights, on your credit card.

Computer Security

Make your purchase safely!

Kandju does not keep any records of your credit card. In result, you will have to re-enter your payment information for all your transactions on the Kandju website.

Ordering and invoicing

The methods of payment on the Kandju website are: Visa and MasterCard. Please take note that when you place an order online, it is possible for you to print a preliminary invoice. Kandju will send you an email with a confirmation of your order and the preliminary invoice. Receiving the confirmation email does not imply that Kandju accepts to treat your order. Kandju reserves the right, without prior notice, to refuse an order or deal with a customer.

Out of stock products

Kandju displays in its catalogue all the products available at the time of your preliminary order. Kandju does its best to keep an accurate inventory in its catalogue. However, if Kandju is not able to deliver the products you ordered, you will receive an email. Products.

Kandju offers you a big variety of products and does its best to display accurately the products and their descriptions. However Kandju does not guaranty, under no circumstances that the products and their descriptions or any content on its website are completely accurate, complete, reliable, up to date or error-free. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with a product because it is not conform, you will have to return the product in its full quantity and original packaging within the 14 days following the reception of your order. Once analysed, the product will be reimbursed and the transportation freights (to go and come back) will only be reimbursed if the product is found to be not conform by Kandju’s customer service.

Prices displayed and taxes

Kandju displays its prices in Canadian dollars. The applicable taxes will be added during the steps of your payment. Kandju reserves itself the right to modify the price or the delivery of a product, at any time.

Loss of packages

Please communicate with Kandju’s customer service if once your order received, there is a missing item that was charged. In this matter, Kandju, is in no way responsible, but would do everything possible to fix the problem.


Kandju will not be responsible for any failure, in whole or in part, of its obligations whatsoever towards you, nor the damages or loss that may occur, if the failure, the damages or loss are the result of a case of force majeure or circumstances beyond its control. If Kandju is found responsible towards a customer, this responsibility would be limited to the amount the customer has paid for the purchase of the products through the Kandju website.