Discover the KandJu Experience

Much more than just a name, KandJu also represents the spirit of a team of young designers and buyers crazy about their job, eager to share their colorful, trendy, sugary or wacky discoveries!

New eco-friendly collection

For your next sugar craving, get the new reusable glass online!

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What is exactly the KandJu mix?

About thirty different kinds of sweet and sour jujubes compose our popular assortment. Do not hesitate to bring your own containers to fill it whit this tasty mix!

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Make your own selection in our Stores... or Online!

What better candy mix than the one you create yourself? All our sweets are exceptionally fresh, guaranteed!

Can't get to our of our stores? Just use our creative labolatory to create your own gummy or chocolate mix.

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Most popular & discoveries... without forgetting the classics

At KandJu we are pleased to offer the widest selection of candies available. 

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Reusable containers
... it makes sense

Get one of our reusable containers for your next sugar rush, and for those that will follow. Also makes a great gift!

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Nine stores all over the province of Quebec

KandJu candy stores are experiencing tremendous growth in Quebec thanks to a unique concept.

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Perfect packaging for your gifts and events

Have you had fun today? Make sure your loved ones have fun too with a sweet little attention!

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Every occasion is a time for celebration

Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter... great opportunities are worth highlighting. No more deprivation and guilt; the important thing lies in the joy and the happiness side by side every day.