A motivation, a job, a passion...

A real broadcaster of emotions, the Wellness Artisan advocates the development of his colleagues, of his committed community as well as his customers by putting at the heart of his practices his sustained values ​​such as transparency, mutual aid, love and motivation.

A common goal: Live their daily adventures together!

The Quebec company Ludik started in 2006 in a tiny apartment in Montérégie. Armed only with their hands and trembling knees, Marie-Ève ​​and François quickly acquired their first B to B clients with a clumsy approach, but so charming and charismatic as well as through the playful, original and very avant-garde proposal of the young couple's sweet creations, back in their mid-twenties.

“Our goal was to CREATE a 2.0 version of traditional confectionery; deliberately sassy, ​​refined, eco-responsible and very trendy…”

- Marie-Eve Gladu & Francois St-Laurent

100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEED then took on its full meaning.

A loyal community, in search of sharing small moments of joy, festive opportunities and a life without restriction, had just joined the concept recently set up by Marie-Ève ​​and François. Challenge accepted; a real philosophy and a unifying KandJu Lifestyle are now propagated by a passionate community.

In order to revolutionize the world of confectionery with modern and innovative ideas, they decided to create a whole new ideology... It was then, in 2013, that KandJu was born!

In 2023, KandJu is already celebrating its 10th anniversary...

The company is very proud, not only of the progress made, but of the solid team on which it can count to continue its growth at high speed.

Oh yes! 10 years old and all his teeth! :)

10 stores later, KandJu has the ambition to conquer the markets, by distributing its brand, in order to be quickly recognized as being the largest chain of confectionery in Canada.

The group gets its supplies directly from various manufacturers, delicacies of exceptional freshness as well, without intermediary.