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KandJu – The largest online confectionery and gift shop.

At KandJu, we are pleased to offer you the largest selection of sweets available.
All of our candies are exceptionally fresh, it’s guaranteed.

There are also several ideal gifts for yourself or a loved one:
Wallets, chocolates, toys and more…

Come and see our full range online or in stores.

We ship anywhere in Canada, so what are you waiting for?
Do not hesitate and contact us.

KandJu Spirit

KandJu is more than a simple word,
it represents a team of young and crazy designers and buyers
who are passionate about their job, eager to share their colorful,
trendy, sweet and fun discoveries.

Did you have fun today?

At KandJu, freedom and happiness give rhythm…
The ones who share KandJu’s philosophy are determined
to have a young and free spirit : free thinker, free dreamer,
freedom of choices!

These individuals choose happiness because they deserve it!
No more dictates, no more restrictions and no more guilt;
Daily joy and happiness is what counts… this is our commitment!

We insist: Did you have fun today?... make a resolution and
your existence will become a huge playground.
After all, life is a child’s play.

KandJu – 100% Happiness Guaranteed 
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