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1. What is the minimum purchase for an online order?
There is no minimum purchase per order.  There will be an 8$ transportation fee applied on all orders over 60$.

2. When will my order be processed?
The online orders generally take 4-5 business days following their reception.

3.  How can I retrace my order?
Within 2-3 business days following your order, you will receive a confirmation followed by the appropriate waybill number as well as the expected delivery date of your order.

4. Can I add an item on a current order?
You can't modify an existing order that's already been processed.  You must place a new separate order.

5. What are the payment methods?
The orders must be payed with Pay Pal: with Visa or MasterCard.

6. What are the applicable taxes?

KandJu charges the provincial and federal taxes that apply in the province of its destination as well as the usual transportation taxes.

7. How will I receive my invoice?
 You will receive your invoice with your parcel.

8. What will be the transportation fees for my order?

All the orders are FOB from our Canadian warehouse. The transportation fees are based on the volume and the weight of the order as well as the destination.  The oversized boxes will be subject to additional charges.  The transportation fees are real.

9. Is the Express delivery available?

Yes, 3 delivery methods are available.

10.Can I ship to a P.O. Box? 

11. How can I get more information on a product?
If you wish to obtain more information about the different products, you must submit your question in the form under the CONTACT.  A representative will answer you shortly.

12. Can I view my order history?
You can view your order history under MY ACCOUNT.

13. What are the differences concerning the quantities?
KandJu offers its products in different formats in order to meet everybody's needs and also its candies in smaller or larger quantities.

14. How can I retrieve a frogotten password?
Under the Subscribe/ Connexion login, ther is a link for forgotten passwords, where you enter you email address. Your password will then be retransmitted to you by e-mail.

15. How cancel or change any information related ro my account?
Under MY ACCOUNT, choose the link ''Update my Account'', in order to modify any information.

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